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Ernita Joaquin Agency typology and performance: Results from OMB’s PART analysis and scorecard initiative, Thomas J. Ernita Joaquin A geodetic investigation of ground deformation at Yucca Mountain, southern Nevada, Emma Mc Caughey A Geographic analysis of the impact of scale and isolation on coping with hazards on small islands, William J. Kendall Creep in photovoltaic modules: Examining the stability of polymeric materials and components, David C. Kadakia Data synchronization in reverse logistics: A conceptual framework, Oliver Hedgepeth and Tamera Hanken David could have died of thirst ... Yucha and Pamela Suddaby Department of Family Services: Adoption program evaluation, Bonnie Abramson, Kristy Amasaki, Michael N. , Elisha Rhodes and Lloyd Stark Dollars without sense: The mismatch between the No Child Left Behind accountability system and title 1 funding, Anna Lukemeyer, William D. 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Smeeding Experimental and computational analysis of an energy storage composite ankle foot orthosis, Michelle C.Wing Mojave Applied Ecology Notes Spring 2010, Anna San, Donovan J. Abella New public management and post-NPM reform drivers: An empirical analysis of two competing and complementing values among U. federal employees, Sung Min Park New York City’s watershed landscape in the Catskill Mountains, NY, U. Wright File Nexus 12: Economics and the environment, Helen R. Tuman and Mauricio Cardenas File Nexus 5: Las Vegas history and culture, Geoff Schumacher and Michael S. Neiswenter Physiological effects of slot play in women, Carolyn B. Bernhard, and Catherine Andrea Prato Physiological implications of natural versus induced arousal from torpor, Jenifer C. Yucha Progress report on the ground-water resources of the Las Vegas Artesian Basin, Nevada, George B. Harry Jameson Promoting professionalism in master’s level teachers through research based writing, P. Abella Psychometric Properties of the Arabic Translated Version of the RCMAS: Preliminary Indicators from a Jordanian Sample, Mohammad A. Arabiat Psychosocial and physiological stress among women leaving welfare, Shawn M. Zald and Helene Williams Redox scale for assigning an oxidizing/reducing potential to groundwater: Method development and initial results, Julie Bertoia, Vernon Hodge, Klaus J. Smiecinski Reforming the undergraduate experience, Diane Vander Pol, Jeanne M. Iannuzzi Relationship between perceived and actual quality of data checking, Hunter Speich, Sophia Karas, Dan Erosa, Kelly Grob, and Kimberly A. Abella Research and information services at Lied Library: Restructured, revitalized and planning for the future, Priscilla Finley and Vicki Nozero Research Briefs, Tony Allen Researching soil and vegetation gradients in northern Arizona ponderosa pine forests, Scott R. 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Zald, Shelly Summer, and Tasha Wade A vector matrix real time backpropagation algorithm for recurrent neural networks that approximate multi-valued periodic functions, Peter Stubberud Baccalaureate nursing education curriculum in the People's Republic of China: Status, issues, and reforms, Yu Xu, Jiemin Sun, Zhao Ming Xu, and J. Zhang Back pain in direct patient care providers: Early intervention with cognitive behavioral therapy, Nancy Menzel and Michael Robinson Back pain prevalence in nursing personnel: Measurement issues, Nancy Menzel Basic map cataloging for non-map librarians (Part 2: Subject headings and classification), Katherine Rankin Battle for the Arctic/The Tipping Point, Thomas A. Vilos Biofeedback-assisted relaxation training for essential hypertension: Who is most likely to benefit? Iannuzzi File Food and hunger: Eating in America, Alice Waters, Raj Patel, and David Masumoto For better or worse: Using wikis and blogs for staff communication in an academic library, Kristen Costello and Darcy C. Dracup Hydrostaticity of pressure transmitting medium of 4:1 methanol: Ethanol at high pressure and low temperature, Christopher Salvo and Andrew Cornelius File I Could Read the Sky, Timothy O'Grady, Martin Hayes, Dennis Cahill, and Aine Meenaghan Identification of climate teleconnections and forecasting of the upper Truckee River, Thomas C. Tootle Identification of geochemical facies through major ion data and additional parameters from shallow groundwater utilizing a comparison of geomathematics and traditional methods in Las Vegas Valley, Nevada, Eric Dano Identification of nitrifying bacteria contained in a commercial inoculant using molecular biology techniques, Anthony Harrington, John Perry, and Penny S. Brown Information-based network control strategies consistent with estimated driver behavior, Alexander Paz and Srinivas Peeta Information based traffic control strategies consistent with estimated driver behavior, Alexander Paz and Srinivas Peeta Insights into the Commons on Flickr, Jason Vaughan Insights into the commons on Flickr, Jason Vaughan Insights learned from teaching pathophysiology on the World Wide Web, Carolyn B. Princen In-situ synchrotron x-ray diffraction study of quartz deformation using the D-DIA apparatus, May Sas, Dawn Pape, Brian Erickson, Sylvia-Monique Thomas, and Pamela Burnley Instructing students in academic integrity, Paul A. Buehler Interbasin movement of ground water at the Nevada Test Site, Isaac J. Lucas, Sam Pitluck, Len Pennacchio, Lynne Goodwin, and Brian P.

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Rosborough Getting more from your subject guides by going 2.0, Darcy C. Nichols, and Hossein Yarandi File Here Bullet, Brian Turner Housing in the nation’s micropolitan areas: A first look, Robert E. Danielsen How can we assess whether our simulation models improve the system understanding for the ones interacting with them, Michaela Tabacaru, Birgit Kopainsky, Agata Sawicka, Krystyna Anne Stave, and Heather Skaza How corporate social responsibility influences employee job satisfaction in the hotel industry, Chia-Chun Saprina Chiang How do we measure systems thinking and learning? Skaza How experience influences infants’ recognition of male and female faces, Jennifer L. Alvarez File Keynote address: Drought in the Las Vegas Valley, Maile Sweigart File Keynote: Research universities as engines for economic development and diversification, Stan Jones File Knife Thrower, Alissa Nutting File KNPR interview, Wole Soyinka File KNPR interview, Glenn Schaeffer File KNPR interview, Barbara Ehrenreich File KNPR interview, Donna Hemans File KNPR interview, Tom Bissell File KNPR interview, T. Boyle File KNPR interview, William Kittridge File KNPR interview, Jim Lehrer File KNPR interview, Mary-Anne Tirone Smith File KNPR interview, Luljeta Lleshanaku File KNPR interview, Robert Rosenberg, Luljeta Lleshanaku, and Mary Palevsky File KNPR interview, Kay Ryan File KNPR interview, E. Doctorow File KNPR interview, Timothy O'Grady File KNPR interview, Maile Chapman File KNPR interview, Lavonne Mueller File KNPR interview, Yiyun Li File KNPR interview, Junot Diaz File KNPR interview, Pablo Medina File KNPR interview, Vu Tran File KNPR interview, Uwem Akpan File KNPR interview, C. Wright File KNPR interview, Joshua Kryah File KNPR interview, Laura van den Berg File KNPR interview, Jane Smiley Land cover types of the Las Vegas Wash, Nevada, Seth A.

Del Bosque Global Information Technology Report 2006-2007: Connecting to the Networked Economy, Priscilla Finley Globalization and tertiary nursing education in post-Mao China: A preliminary assessment, Yu Xu, Zhao Ming Xu, Jiemin Sun, and J. Zhang Going green in the hospitality industry, Christina Wilson Micioni File Good food and good eating, Christine Bergman and Raj Patel Good Morning Children: My First Years in Early Childhood Education, P. Mc Millen Government information at Lied Library, Susie Skarl, Michael A. Shanahan, Dave Silverman, and Art Ehrenberg Landscape and water quality change in the Las Vegas Valley, NV, between 19, Krystyna Anne Stave and K.

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